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A brush to remind you of holidays by the Mediterranean sea. Meet the new Summer Edition of toothbrushes, and its designer.

Relaxing under warm sunshine, swimming in turquoise waters and feeling the refreshing sea breeze on your face. Curaprox’s new Summer Edition of toothbrushes, created by the brand’s designer Lucas Guidetti, represents everything you love about blissful summer holidays.

Every summer, Curaprox comes out with a refreshing new design for its CS 5460 toothbrushes. And this year the design is inspired by summers at the beach. “The main idea behind this double pack of toothbrushes is holidays at the beach somewhere in the Mediterranean,” says the designer of the new yellow-blue toothbrushes, Lucas Guidetti.

Lucas Guidetti is a brand design lead at Curaprox, and his daily work is all about the visuality of the brand and its products – editorial visuals, campaigns, photo shoots, illustrations, and so on. “I enjoy all of it. Especially as there’s always good people and a good mood involved in all the tasks,” says Lucas, who – besides this – looks to travel, nature, family and new people for inspiration in his creative work.

Feel hot sunshine on your skin and gentle bristles on your teeth.

Meet the new Summer Edition of toothbrushes.
⛱ Combination of bright summer colours
⛱ Gentle bristles to keep your mouth healthy during the whole summer
⛱ 5460 ultra-soft bristles on a toothbrush for the most gentle and efficient cleaning experience

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Lucas has been participating in the preparation of several Curaprox special editions. His first fully designed edition of toothbrushes was the 2020 Winter Edition, so this year’s summer toothbrushes are the second Curaprox product with his name on it. 

 “I wish for everyone that uses these toothbrushes to enjoy the beach and hot summer kisses with clean teeth and fresh breath.”

When we asked what the biggest challenge of creating the summer toothbrushes was, Lucas was quick to answer: “Definitely choosing the colours. I wanted to use bright and vivid summer colours, but still keep a reduced three-colour palette. I had many colour combinations in mind and it was hard to choose because many people had different opinions on it. My lesson learned is – you can’t take on board everybody’s feedback, so believe in yourself and follow your instinct,” explains Lucas.

The special Summer Edition is not only about its great design, it’s also about the 5,460 ultra soft bristles that help you to keep your teeth and gums perfectly clean and healthy. “I wish for everyone that uses these toothbrushes to enjoy the beach and hot summer kisses with clean teeth and fresh breath.”

Lucas Guidetti is a Swiss-Colombian designer who is currently the Brand Design Lead for Curaprox in Kriens, Switzerland. Lucas has been close to art and design since his childhood, thanks to his mother being a photographer and artist. He speaks many languages, loves discovering new cultures, and develops his creativity through enjoying art, watching nature, travelling, and being with his family – especially his little son Felix.