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A daily kit for the best oral care practices

A toothbrush and toothpaste are not enough if you are after long-term oral health. These four products are designed to maintain your teeth and mouth healthy.

Your teeth and gums can stay healthy for your entire life if you take proper care of them – and CURAPROX products are here to help.

Since our philosophy is prevention over repair, we designed our products to keep your whole mouth healthy.

Use these four aids as part of your daily oral-care ritual to ensure long-term health of your teeth.

1. Clean hard-to-reach areas: Interdental brushes

2. Overall cleaning: Gentle, ultra-soft toothbrush

3. Gentle protection: Balanced toothpaste

4. Precision cleaning: High-density single brush


Interdental areas first

The interdental space is the most hard-to-reach space where a lot of dental plaque accumulates over time. If there is one step anyone should take in upgrading their evening oral-care ritual, it’s cleaning the interdental space.

Meet CURAPROX CPS Prime – specialised brushes designed to clean the interdental space. They help clean out tooth plaque from the small spaces between our teeth without damaging the enamel and gums.

Sizes of interdental brushes vary, so always consult your dentist before you start using interdental brushes. Your dentist will precisely measure your interdental space and suggest the brushes that are right for you.

CPS Prime reaches into all parts of your interdental space and keeps both your gums and teeth safe. A single in-and-out movement once a day is enough to keep your teeth healthy.
Before the interdental brushes, floss was used to clean out the interdental space. Floss is ineffective in curved spaces and can damage gums if used improperly.

Use once a day.


The ultra-soft toothbrush

Conventional toothbrushes have low-density hard bristles that require forced and fast brushing. With long-term use, such brushing can be harmful to gums and enamel.

This is CURAPROX CS 5460, the ultimate soft toothbrush. It packs soft high-density filaments CUREN® designed for thorough and soft cleaning.

CS 5460 stands for the 5460 filaments that make up the ultra-densely-packed brushing head. At this density, the soft brush is especially effective at disrupting and cleaning out the dental plaque, which is soft at the first stages.

Soft filaments are gentle to gums and the enamel, making it a perfect aid for sensitive teeth and long-term use.

Use twice a day to diligently clean your teeth.


A perfectly balanced toothpaste

CURAPROX Enzycal 1450 is a toothpaste designed for prevention and protection. Its main focus is protecting your oral flora and mucosa – the healthy bacteria and tissue that is important for maintaining good oral health.

It is especially helpful to people with mouth sores, ulcers, dry mouth, and those who are having chemo- or radiotherapy.

  • Lactoperoxidase system increases the flow of saliva and boosts its antibacterial, antiviral and antifungal properties. 
  • High levels of fluoride help restore damaged enamel through remineralisation. 
  • This toothpaste has low abrasiveness and contains no aggressive bleaching agents, which makes it harmless to teeth. 

For regular cleaning, use a pea-sized portion of the paste.


A specialist single brush

This is CURAPROX CS 1006 – a single brush with extremely dense soft filaments. It is designed specifically for cleaning the teeth in the back of your mouth and around the molars. The 6 mm filaments and angled design is perfect for harder-to-reach areas. Extremely high density of soft filaments is effective against long-term dental plaque build-up.

Use once a day before going to bed.

Get your ultimate dental care kit today and give your teeth and gums the best possible treatment.

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CURAPROX is a brand of Curaden, a Swiss healthcare company. Curaden focuses on preventive oral care and dental education worldwide.