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Bring Alpine freshness to your everyday brushing

Curaprox unveils new CS 5460 special edition: a tribute to Swiss paper cutting art and the Alpine beauty.

Many of us remember cutting out paper snowflakes as children, yet few realise that paper cutting is actually a globally respected ancient art that goes back over 2,000 years. Curaprox cherishes this meticulous art too, and has devoted a new special edition of toothbrushes to the Swiss form of paper cutting and its scenic countryside. Read more.

Paper cutting is a traditional Swiss art form that involves intricately cutting designs into paper using scissors. Its origins can be traced back to China in the 2nd century BC, around the same time as the invention of paper.

As one of China’s key cultural exports, it eventually spread worldwide, with each region adding its unique cultural influence.

This ancient art form is known in Switzerland as “Scherenschnitte”, which literally means scissor cuts. It began around the 16th century and flourished in the 19th thanks to Johann Jakob Hauswirth, who is considered the father of traditional Swiss paper cutting, and his follower, Louis Saugy. 

Unlike Chinese paper cutting, which was usually done on red paper depicting Chinese characters and zodiac animals, Swiss paper cutting typically features symmetrical designs on black paper. It commonly depicts pastoral scenes, traditional chalets, various festivities or farming life such as animals going up the mountains or hunters chasing game. Today, contemporary artists are going beyond the alpine village theme and are exploring more abstract, asymmetrical or topical ideas.

At Curaprox, we recognise the Swiss art of paper cutting as a truly unique national heritage and aim to honour and promote it beyond Switzerland. To support our vision we asked Regina Martin, a Swiss paper-cutting artist, to create a custom artwork for our special edition of toothbrushes.

Her design captures the Swiss countryside, portraying mountain peaks, pasture grass, a typical wooden chalet or an alphorn used by mountain shepherds. Upon closer inspection, you’ll also spot a toothbrush carried on horseback and the Alpine edelweiss flower, as a symbol of the region, and which remains present on the toothbrushes’ bristles even after unpacking.

Enjoy this special edition of toothbrushes that will bring a special piece of Switzerland into your bathroom. May it inspire you to explore the breathtaking landscapes of this unique country at your own pace. 

Fresh as an Alpine flower

The CS 5460 Swiss edition – a package of two ultra-soft toothbrushes with a design by Swiss papercutting artist Regina Martin – is now available in the e-shop.
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