Child reluctant to brush? Let them choose their favourite brush and paste

But make sure it has enough fluoride to support the development of teeth.

A piece of advice from clinical dental hygienist and educator Judy Bendit:

“Let them pick the brush they like but make sure it has a comfortable head size and very soft bristles. Try different toothpastes until your child finds one they enjoy using.

But don’t overlook the paste’s contents. When teeth are just forming, a small amount of fluoride is important. Choose the paste based on how much fluoride it contains and how sensitive your child’s mouth is.

How much toothpaste does your child need? For children up to three years old, a rice grain-sized smear is enough. For older children, use a pea-sized amount.

Using an electric toothbrush can be an exciting option if your kids enjoy the way it works and feels. Playing their favourite music can keep them engaged: for example, they have to brush for the whole song. This will encourage brushing for the right amount of time. There are apps that can help motivate too.”