Product Guide

CURAPROX CS5460: one of the world’s softest toothbrushes

Read why soft matters.

People across the world are taught to brush their teeth rigorously: pushing hard and moving fast. Many of us grew up thinking that the harder our toothbrush the better. Just like scrubbing a saucepan with an abrasive sponge.

But our teeth and gums are nothing like stainless steel

The goal of toothbrushing is to break and remove the pudding-like substance – the plaque. It resides mostly in sulcus, which is the area between your teeth and gums. However, the sulcus is too sensitive to powerful brushing. So how do we safely remove the plaque? The answer is soft brushing.

Most toothbrushes are hard, which is bad for your teeth

Bristles are typically thick and loosely arranged – which merely ‘comb’ the plaque, leaving traces all over your teeth. So the plaque is never truly gone. After a hard brushing our teeth might feel clean, but actually the plaque just gets pushed into hard-to-reach corners – where it stays.

A good brush is dense and soft to thoroughly remove the plaque

When we soften the bristle – like the CURAPROX ultra-soft toothbrush – and make it three-times denser, the bristle adjusts to the tooth’s shape and cleans the pudding-like substance even from the most inaccessible places.

Choose softness

For over 40 years, dentists and other healthcare professionals have been recommending CURAPROX brushes – the gentlest yet most effective toothbrushes available. This is how they’re made.

Dense and small head

Ultra-soft CURAPROX toothbrush has 5460 thin filaments packed into 39 holes. It is three-times the density of a regular brush. At this density the plaque gets evenly removed.

5460 soft filaments are packed into 39 holes

Octagonal handle helps you hold brush at optimal 45° angle

Why a 45° angle? Bacteria and plaque usually hide in the gumline – sulcus. To get rid of them more effectively, the brush head should be slightly inclined towards the sulcus and placed half on the gums and half on the teeth. 

A proper toothbrushing technique with the ultra-soft toothbrush

There are many techniques to clean your teeth, but only one we believe in so much that we recommend it to everyone. It is built on human anatomy and our behavioural habits as humans. Thanks to this technique our teeth will stay healthy much longer.

The technique in a nutshell:

  1. Place your CURAPROX brush at a 45° angle towards the gum line. Half of your gums and half of your teeth should be covered by the bristles.
  2. Apply minimal or no pressure at all.
  3. Move in small circles, starting from the most difficult places.

Find CURAPROX medical brushes at your local pharmacy or online.