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Meet the new set of Curaprox toothbrushes with a secret superpower to create a winter atmosphere without the classic clichés

This new set of toothbrushes – designed to look like an infinite number of ice crystals – won’t give you frostbite so much as a melt-in-your-mouth sensation once you start brushing your teeth.

Witness an unusual scene as you enter your bathroom early on a winter’s morning – two crystalline towers made out of an infinite number of ice crystals looming over the sink, their ice-cold yet bright appearance mesmerising your awakening eyes. You feel an urgency to touch them and feel the ice crystals against your skin. Upon touching them, a light starts to break through the ice and the crystal tower melts in your mouth with the first brush of your teeth, leaving your mouth feeling icy fresh. You have successfully conquered another cold winter morning, and are ready for the day’s next thrilling adventures. 

The main idea behind the new Winter Edition of toothbrushes was to turn the bathroom rituals into an experience where there are no limits to childlike imagination. The glassy appearance of the toothbrushes and the crystal ice pattern in the filaments inspire new exciting toothbrushing adventures, which will help you face the ice-cold weather waiting outside the house.  

Let this icy-cold toothbrush melt in your mouth

Meet the new Winter Edition of CS 5460 toothbrushes.

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“I wanted to express the coldness of winter but with a light slowly breaking through the ice,” explains Norbert Brunner, the designer behind the new edition. Norbert works as a brand designer at the Curaden headquarters in Kriens, Switzerland, specialising in the Curaprox brand’s design development and implementation. “My job is very varied and demands high-quality performance and results,” says Norbert, who – besides this – looks to art, modern technology, 3D visualisations, and encounters with interesting people for inspiration in his creative work.

When we asked what the biggest challenge of creating the new Winter Edition was, Norbert quickly answered: “Definitely creating a winter atmosphere without the classic clichés.” Especially during the wintertime, clichés such as the winter wonderland can be found in almost every corner. Norbert wanted to create a design that would foster creativity in different ways and, at the same time, provide enough space for the imagination to thrive.

Norbert Brunner works as a graphic designer at the Curaden Brand Centre in Kriens, Switzerland. Part of the team for about 4 years, he is responsible for the design implementation of the Curaprox brand and other branches of Curaden. He enjoys the variety of his work, and the high-quality performance and results that it demands.