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Designer of the Fox & Bunny edition: “I aimed to create a moment in the day that reminds us of the beauty and fragility of wildlife.”

Cute but also meaningful: introducing a new set of playful toothbrushes and their proud creator, Christin Jaehn.

Coming from a place of deep respect towards nature, the designer of Curaprox’s new special edition of toothbrushes, Christin Jaehn, seeks to create a moment in the day that will remind us of both nature’s beauty and the importance of treating it with consideration. Discover more about the Fox & Bunny edition, and its designer, in this interview.

What was your path to becoming a designer?

I always loved to draw, so I set my sights on a career in the creative profession. For over 15 years I’ve worked as an illustrator and graphic designer. Recently, I transitioned into becoming a self-employed tattoo artist, fulfilling a new chapter in my professional journey.

What do you usually work on? 

I prefer projects where I can realise my own style, which is why I switched from being an illustrator to a tattoo artist. My artworks are usually very detailed, I love to play with different structures to bring my designs to life. 

What are the rituals you can’t imagine your day without?

I won’t be particularly original by saying it’s a cup of coffee, since I know many creatives share the same obsession. Before starting my work, I enjoy a cup on my terrace, surrounded by nature. It’s in these moments that I get inspired, drawing from the beauty of nature, films or the portraiture itself.

What’s the idea behind your special edition of toothbrushes? 

I was driven by my deep admiration and profound respect for nature. I sought to depict animals as integral parts of their natural habitat, living in accord with the laws of nature. I like to think of it as a powerful inspiration for us humans. 

I approached the packaging as a scene. The backdrop features a typical Alpine landscape and it serves as the home for the main characters – a fox and a rabbit residing in the woods. To depict them, I used a pixelated illustration of their heads on the toothbrushes.

Celebrate the beauty of wildlife

The CS 5460 Fox & Bunny edition
– a package of two ultra-soft toothbrushes with a design
by German designer Christin Jaehn
– is now available in the e-shop.

What was the biggest challenge of this design?

I aimed to create a moment in the day that would remind us of both the beauty of nature and the importance of preserving it. By looking at the bristles, which display the heads of two animals, I wanted anyone to think: “Look, how cute!” And that was the hardest part – to get the heads on the toothbrushes as detailed as possible so that one could immediately recognise a fox and a bunny. 

How did you choose the colours? 

I chose realistic and harmonising colours that best suited the animals and the landscape. 

Is there any dream product that you would like to collaborate on

I would like to work on decorative items like crockery, bottles or vases. Anything people might like to keep and collect, even if it’s empty. 

Christin Jaehn is a German graphic designer with over 15 years’ experience in design and illustration, who has recently transitioned to being a self-employed tattoo artist. 

Her partnership with Curaprox began through her participation in the Jovoto design competition. Being a passionate nature enthusiast, she dedicated the new special edition to wildlife. Take a look at her tattoo art on Instagram @mittgard_ink.