Billion Healthy Mouths Club

Dentist Fumihiko Kimura from Japan: “Prevention means extending the longevity of one’s health and lifetime.”

Inspiration is vital to nurture the ever-present need to grow.

Periodontist and endodontist Dr. Fumihiko Kimura is relentlessly devoted to teaching other dental professionals how to treat endo-perio lesions, and to never give up. Dr. Kimura is the kind of dentist who’s always full of beans, and ready to show kids how to look after their teeth – in the most entertaining way. In this short interview, you’ll also find out how his practice is connected to reggae music. 

What routines do you find most critical for maintaining proper oral health?

To live one’s life to its full potential, one should take care of themself on multiple levels – and by this I don’t only mean going for regular dental recalls and taking care of their mouth. Leading a healthy lifestyle also means exercising, cooking, reading books, even going to beauty salons. To be able to do all this, keeping ourselves motivated is key – and a foundation for everything else. 

Dr. Kimura is also a reggae musician. He combines his both passions into a fun way of teaching oral care routines to kids.
What does the word prevention mean to you?

In my point of view, prevention means to extend the longevity of one’s health and lifetime.

What is your “golden rule” or advice that you tell your patients often?

Inspiration is vital in order to nurture the ever-present need to grow and have a quality life.  

Welcome to the Billion Healthy Mouths Club

Proper routines in prevention are the future of dentistry – that’s why we at Curaden launched the Billion Healthy Mouths Club – a community of dental professionals committed to the idea of having proper routines in prevention and a holistic approach to dentistry. Dentist Fumihiko Kimura is one of those dental professionals who shares these values, and we proudly present his experience and thoughts with other like-minded people from the field. Keep reading our Gently magazine to discover more interviews with forward-thinking professionals from around the world.

What’s the biggest challenge of your job?

The biggest challenge for me is to establish a new classification for endo-perio disease in cooperation with clinicians from all over the world. 

What’s the thing that you like about your job the most?

In my daily practice, I often come up with many new things in terms of processes or approaches that aren’t universal yet. I love sharing my findings and views with other dentists around the world, and seeing that I can contribute to a better preventive care. 

What’s the most important thing in the terms of oral care routine from your point of view?

From my perspective, any dental professional has to find out what’s precisely going on with patient’s mouth and determine the diagnose correctly. To do that, us dentists also need someone trustworthy who can coach us.

What’s the biggest oral health myth that you fight against?

A false prognosis that endo-perio disease cannot be cured. If you understand the strategy of preserving teeth, there is a good chance to save them. 

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Although the chances of saving a tooth suffering from an endo-perio lesion may seem slim, if you really understand how to preserve a tooth, you can save it. Dr. Fumihiko Kimura will guide you as to how, in the webinar by Curaden Academy.


Dr. Fumihiko Kimura

A graduate of Tokyo Medical and Dental University (TMDU) in Japan, periodontist and endodontist Dr. Fumihiko Kimura now leads private practices – One Love Dental Clinic and All Smile Dental Clinic, in Yokosuka city. He is a member of the Japan Endodontic Association and a member of two periodontology academies. Recently, he published a book on strategies and methods on how to treat endo-perio lesions – and never give in. Besides dentistry, Dr. Kimura is an equally good reggae musician and so he combines these passions into a fun way of teaching oral care routines to kids. Thanks to his keen and lively nature, his One Love Dental Clinic in Japan not only thrives from its top-quality dental services, but its reggae vibes as well. 

Subscribe to his Onelove Dentist Youtube channel or follow him on Instagram and Facebook. You can also join the worldwide community of dentists treating endo-periodondal diseases via this website