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How can you empower your patients to develop proper oral care routines? Encourage them to join Ueli.club

The biggest roadblocks to developing a new routine are lack of knowledge, and lack of encouragement for both starting and maintaining it. When it comes to good oral health, subscription service Ueli.club can help.

Developing a new habit is not easy. Whether it’s regular exercise, reducing screen time or building up a proper oral care routine, good habits take some time and effort to establish. But it’s always more achievable when you have tools that make the path to your new habit more comfortable, or triggers that work like reminders for you to maintain your new routine. 

As dental professionals, you know that you can spend hours explaining and demonstrating proper tooth brushing technique to your patients, as well as advising them on the best tools to use and the importance of regular interdental care. However, it can be disappointing at the next appointment to realise that these efforts are having little effect. 

One of the aims of our oral health club, Ueli.club, is not just to help patients find their way to a healthy mouth, but to help them improve the health of their whole body as efficiently and conveniently as possible. Every three months, registered subscribers receive the Ueli.club box containing the CURAPROX 5460 Ultra Soft toothbrush and other essentials, for precise oral hygiene. Members also enjoy the latest edition of the Ueli.club Journal, with inspiring articles about oral health, nutrition and other valuable content related to health and well-being.

Education is a fundamental concept for us, so one of the first things the [Ueli.club] membership provides to its members is knowledge, including a deeper understanding of the health issues surrounding oral health, of our products and recommended techniques, as well as what products to look out for, and how to use them. It’s a very educational service from this point of view,” explains Andreas Freitag, co-founder of Ueli.club.

What is Ueli.club?

Ueli.club is an oral health club that supports and encourages the achievement of oral health through premium products and educational materials that help to encourage healthy habits and to debunk common oral care myths.

Named after entrepreneur Ueli Breitschmid, founder of the Swiss oral health company Curaden AG, Ueli.club is supported by toothbrushes, interdental brushes and other premium products produced under the CURAPROX brand. To become a member, simply register on the Ueli.club website.

Membership is completely obligation-free and can be cancelled any time. For the quarterly fee of €6, members get a fresh CURAPROX 5460 Ultra Soft Toothbrush, Ueli.club Journal, and additional product samples delivered directly to their door, and they can also enjoy exclusive online access to specialised content and products.

Ueli.club doesn’t only want to help dental professionals in terms of educating their patients, but also in terms of making the best possible oral care products more accessible to them. 

“We definitely would like to support dentists, dental hygienists and their work. If dental professionals recommend, for example, interdental brushes to patients and do the fitting to make sure they get the right sizes, by also recommending Ueli.club, a dental professional can make sure that the patients have easy access to the product because it’s delivered to their home. They don’t have to go looking for it. It’s very convenient. Ueli.club means having access to the best products, plus the convenience of having them delivered right to your home,” Ueli.club’s co-founder says.

“It’s very convenient. Ueli.club means having access to the best products, plus the convenience of having them delivered right to your home.”

According to Andreas Freitag, encouraging people to carry on is vital in helping them to establish and maintain the new habit. He also states that it’s about having a constant access to the necessary aids:

“Ueli.club also reminds me that I should get rid of my old toothbrush and use the new one. This is a very basic reminder, but one that I think can be really very helpful.”

“You don’t have the problem of running out of interdental brushes and then forgetting to replace them. We’re all lazy. Once you’ve forgotten, then it’s very hard to get back into it. Sending the oral care kit to your home basically works like a routine-maintenance reminder. It says: It’s time for a new toothbrush. It’s time for some fresh interdental brushes. And it’s time for some new content and some inspiration.”

Become an Ueli.club partner

If you would like to become a partner of Ueli.club and recommend our boxes to your patients, please fill in our form. You’ll receive a Ueli.club box for free, as well as a unique promo code that you can share with your patients if the Ueli.club box meets your expectations. By entering the code when they sign up, each patient that registers will also receive their own Ueli.club trial box free of charge.