Product Guide

Love your gums: CS 12460 velvet

The newest addition to the Curaprox toothbrush family. Silky smooth, incredibly dense and a joy to use.

This is the CS 12460 velvet, our most gentle brush yet for exceptional oral care

This brush uses 12,460 ultrasoft Curen® filaments that create a silky smooth sensation on your teeth and gums. The brush head is the same compact size as our other Curaprox toothbrushes, perfectly designed for easy reach and diligent cleaning, but now it is packed with more gentle filaments than ever before.

“Our iconic CS 5460 already feels incredibly gentle with its 5,460 filaments made from Curen®. And now, since spring 2020, we’re also producing the CS 12460 velvet – with no less than 12,460 Curen® filaments.”

Marco Zavalloni, CEO of Curaplast AG – producer of Curaprox manual toothbrushes and CPS Prime interdental brushes in Degersheim, Switzerland

More filaments means better cleaning

Each filament on your brush removes some of the bacteria and disrupts parts of the biofilm on your teeth. So the more filaments your brush has,
the better it is at cleaning.

CS 12460 velvet is our most densely-bristled toothbrush. We’ve taken the best of our iconic CS 5460 brush, and refined it to perfection.

Exceptional protection

Each of the 12,460 Curen® filaments has a rounded tip that helps protect your enamel from physical wear and microscratches.

It only takes a slow, gentle brushing to get your teeth cleaned. The Curen® filaments will make sure your enamel and gums stay clean and protected.

So smooth and gentle, it can be used on the most sensitive teeth and gums

Each filament is only 0.08 mm thick, making this the most delicate filament ever used in a Curaprox brush. 

Decades-refined design, at your fingertips

The hexagonal handle sits well in any hand, while the tilted head helps you effortlessly reach behind the molars.

Every shape, tilt and size in our brushes has been researched and refined over decades, and by generations of designers. 

This is the best a toothbrush can be. Take it from the people who dedicated their lives to designing the perfect brush.

From the pioneers in high-density bristles and ultrasoft brushing

Curaprox is part of Curaden, an oral care company founded in Switzerland in 1954. We believe in prevention over treatment: a proper toothbrush, an effective interdental brush and a well-balanced toothpaste can protect your teeth for a long time.

From the very start, we have pioneered the field of premium brush designs. Year after year, we have pushed for better quality of filaments, higher filament count and better materials. Our classic product, the CS 5460 toothbrush, has become the staple of quality and efficiency, and to this day remains an unreachable standard for many toothbrush makers. And yet, we continue to push further, with finer filaments, more refined designs and higher filament counts. 

Every brush head and filament is produced at our own production facility in Degersheim, Switzerland. We cut no corners in production quality, to ensure that our customers always experience the very best in brushing.