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A tribute to our devoted partners. Meet the designer behind the new Love Edition of toothbrushes

Drawing from his own experience, Lucas Guidetti, the designer of the new Curaprox special edition, wanted to create a tribute to the joy of finding your soulmate and enduring love. Discover the Love Edition of toothbrushes, symbolising love as a profound journey and lifelong commitment.

How did you become a designer? 

My mother is an artistic photographer, so I was exposed to many exhibitions, books and galleries ever since my childhood. I have always been strongly attracted to visual arts.

What kind of projects do you enjoy most?

Regardless of the field, whether it be editorial graphic-design or commercial collaborations, I give my all to projects that I genuinely enjoy. However, my favourite is book design.

What inspires you? 

The urgency to get the things done! And when I get the chance, watching sunsets. Also, I can’t imagine a day without reading or watching something on a subject that sparks my interest, and falling asleep with my son.

Enjoy brushing with your loved one

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How did the collaboration with Curaprox begin?

As an employee at Curaprox, I don’t usually design special editions myself, but am instead involved in the collaboration with various artists. The special editions line aims to explore and connect with other artists, countries, and their unique stories. Having the chance to design my own special edition was a real privilege.

What inspired you to design this special edition?

When I first met my wife, we watched a documentary together called “Voyage of the Emperor.” It narrates the remarkable story of Emperor penguins and their lifelong commitment to their chosen partners. After embarking on a long journey to find food, they return to their same partners. 

This story deeply resonated with us at a time when we had just met, were deeply in love and I was about to leave for an internship abroad. This special edition is a tribute to my wife, my soul mate and my best friend. I want people to view the toothbrush as a symbol of love and a lifelong commitment, inspired by the adorable Antarctican creatures. 

“The special editions line aims to explore and connect with other artists, countries, and their unique stories.”

How did you decide on the colour palette for this design? 

The colours were simply a combination that appealed to me and I intentionally kept it minimal. It evokes a purely enjoyable, fun and liberating feeling. 

Is there a dream product you would like to work on?

While I may not consider myself a talented illustrator or visual artist, if the opportunity were to arise, I would love the chance to customise the livery of the special Swiss Airlines Boeing 777.

Lucas Guidetti, a Swiss-Colombian designer, currently works as the Brand Design Lead for Curaprox in Kriens, Switzerland. 

With a lifelong connection to art and design, Lucas’s passion was nurtured during his childhood by his artist mother. He speaks multiple languages and has a deep appreciation for diverse cultures, and develops his creativity through enjoying art, observing nature, travelling and cherishing moments with his family –particularly his young son, Felix.