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“We want to put a smile on people’s faces,” says Nadja Stäubli, designer of the Marble Edition toothbrushes

Timeless and luxuriously colourful: introducing this beautiful set of toothbrushes and their proud creator, Nadja Stäubli, Creative director of design studio Sula.

Every moment of every day, every ordinary object you unconsciously interact with could be hiding something extraordinary. Looking for these beautiful elements, like the sprawling veins in green leaves, small dimples in a friend’s smile, or intricate details hiding in ordinary toothbrushes, can make your day so much more fun!

This is at the essence of the Marble Edition of toothbrushes by Swiss design studio Sula and its Creative director Nadja Stäubli. Her design, inspired by the beauty of everyday life and her desire to inject fun into ordinary everyday objects, creates a beautiful companion for your daily brushing. Read on and learn more about Nadja’s creative ways and the ideas behind the Marble Edition of toothbrushes.

What was your path to becoming a designer?

It all happened very organically. I did not grow up in a “design” environment. But when I studied photography at the Art University, I dived into this world and fell in love with it.

What projects do you usually work on? What do you enjoy the most?

We have two different ways of working at Sula. We design, create, produce and sell our own collections and products. And then, with Studio Sula, we work for other labels, brands, institutions and other companies to make products for them.

What inspires you?

It’s very cliché, but life around me and the cultures within. Music, travel and design in general.

“I just wanted to express happiness.”

What are your daily rituals that you can’t imagine your day without?

I always start my day with a shower and a coffee. It’s a super nice luxury I appreciate every day.

How did the collaboration with Curaprox start?

When we launched our first “bath” collection of towels and trays we also wanted to include toothbrushes. And, of course, we went straight to the best ones. (smiles)

What’s the idea behind your special edition of toothbrushes? What did you want to express?

I always like to have a “fun” version of ordinary daily objects. Also, I think our collaboration is a great present for guests and super fun to take on travels. I just wanted to express happiness. We want to bring colour and joy to the luxury of cleaning our teeth every day, and put a smile on people’s faces first thing in the morning and last thing at night.

Make the everyday extraordinary

The CS 5460 Marble Edition
– a package of two ultra-soft toothbrushes with a design by Sula
– is now available in the e-shop.
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How did you choose the colours?

With my gut feeling. I love colour and I can think of sooo many more options.

What was the biggest challenge of this design?

To make the marble effect look really modern and timeless and clean.

How would you like people to think about your toothbrush?

I want people to give them to their guests and make them appreciate the thought. It’s all about “togetherness”.

“I always like to have a ‘fun’ version of ordinary daily objects.”

Did you know Curaprox before the collaboration? If yes, how did you perceive the brand?

Yes, I did. I use Curaprox brushes myself, and I introduced “teeth cleaning” to my son with these brushes.

Is there any dream product that you would like to collaborate on?

I would love to be able to design a whole hotel or venue.

Nadja Stäubli is Creative Director and designer of Sula.

She loves colour, which is reflected in all her work – photography, designs and music.Playing with cameras since she was a kid, she later studied photography at the University of the Arts in Zurich and SVA in New York City.

She developed Sula(formerly schoenstaub) over the past decade, from a one-off art project into a fully fledged design company specialising in interior objects and accessories. Bringing analogue’s low-fi, real-world aesthetic into all realms of her life, Nadja approaches all her artistic and entrepreneurial projects with the same spirt: life is more vibrant in colour.

You can find more of Sula’s works on their Instagram and website.