Inside Curaden

Designer of the Rainbow edition: “I wanted each toothbrush to be a reminder to respect every human being regardless of their orientation.”

Six brushes, one love. Show your appreciation of the LGBTQI+ community with this new set of toothbrushes 

The Rainbow edition is a symbol of support that encourages us to wake up with the message of respect and acceptance, and, of course, to see oneself in the mirror with a healthy smile. Meet Swiss graphic designer and a firm member of the Curaden brand team, Fabienne Scherer, who’s behind the new sixpack of Curaprox 5460 toothbrushes.

What was your path to becoming a designer? 

It all began with my passion for creative thinking and my ability to transform ideas into visual narratives. The world of design captivated me because it can serve as a bridge between vision and reality. I love bringing concepts that start in my mind to life. 

What is your role as a designer? 

I am the projects’ architect, shaping the visions from beginning to end. My work, however, includes being part of the whole spectrum of the process, from the concepts’ origins to designing the entire campaigns or brand assets. 

Six brushes, one love 

The CS 5460 Rainbow edition – a pack of six ultra-soft toothbrushes with a design from Fabienne Scherer – is now available in the e-shop.

Tell us one thing that inspires you most.  

I love immersing myself in various cultures and profound conversations. They often unveil entirely different perspectives which I can then introduce into my work. 

Is there any ritual you cannot imagine a day without? 

Sports. It’s only when I move that I am able to clear my mind, organise my thoughts and truly unlock my creative potential. 

What’s the idea behind your special edition of toothbrushes? 

I found the inspiration in the central message of respect and support of people with different emotional, relational, sexual and any other orientation. The Rainbow edition of toothbrushes pays tribute to the LGBTQI+ community’s growing strength. 

The design is pretty straightforward; when the red, orange, yellow, green, blue and violet colours of toothbrushes are placed next to each other, they create the community’s flag. These toothbrushes also tell stories – stories of courage, self-acceptance and love. I wanted each toothbrush to serve as a reminder to respect every human being regardless of their orientation.

How did you choose the colours? 

The rainbow colours aren’t merely decorative but are a representative symbol of the LGBTQI+ movement. 

How would you like people to think about your toothbrush?

It fills me with joy to see how our community grows day by day, and also how we are not only fighting for healthier oral health, but also for more acceptance.

Fabienne Scherer is a graphic designer from Switzerland and a firm member of the Curaden brand team. 

As she says herself: “There’s no room for stagnation in my world.” She keeps herself busy in the field of marketing and design, where she develops creative concepts and leads projects to successful launches. 

Away from the desk you’ll find her exploring the mountains on her gravel bike, or during her quieter moments, with a brush at the canvas. 

This year she designed the special edition of the Curaprox six-pack of toothbrushes, aiming to support the LGBTQI+ community worldwide.