Billion Healthy Mouths Club

South Korea based dentist Yohan Shin:
“Understanding how our body works is integral to health.”

Clean teeth are healthy teeth.

Dr. Shin is a Korean dentist and an active promoter of Curaden’s BOB-App, which helps dental professionals to manage and improve their patient’s interdental cleaning. Read about Dr. Shin’s opinions on oral care, as well as the biggest challenges he faces in his work.

What routines do you find most crucial for maintaining proper oral health?

Removing biofilm through a proper toothbrushing technique and the use of an interdental brush.

What does the word prevention mean to you?

To me, it means maintaining good oral health before an oral defect occurs.

What is your “golden rule” or advice that you tell your patients often?

Clean teeth are healthy teeth.

Welcome to the Billion Healthy Mouths Club

Proper routines in prevention are the future of dentistry – that’s why we at Curaden launched the Billion Healthy Mouths Club – a community of dental professionals committed to the idea of having proper routines in prevention and a holistic approach to dentistry. Dr. Yohan Shin is one of those dental professionals who shares these values, and we proudly share her experience and thoughts with other like-minded people from the field. Keep reading our Gently magazine to discover more interviews with forward-thinking professionals from around the world.

What’s the biggest challenge of your job?

Everything changes so quickly that I spend much time adapting to these changes. I must be constantly ready to accept new circumstances and that is the most challenging part of my job.

What’s the thing that you like about your job the most?

The reason I love my job is that I am able to help my patients prevent oral diseases. I also enjoy the diversity of people who come to my office. Meeting new people brings me a lot of joy.

What’s the most important thing in terms of an oral care routine, from your point of view?

I think it is really important to understand how our body works. Body knowledge is where it all starts.

What’s the biggest oral health myth that you fight against?

It’s the general belief that teeth and gums get worse with age. That is very relative and depends on various circumstances.

We know about you that you are a regular user of the BOB-App. What benefits does it bring to you and your patients?

Thanks to the BOB-App, my patients can see the inflammatory state of each interdental space and exactly which brushes to use at home. This visualization, combined with seeing how things improve with each check-up, motivates them to brush interdental space daily.

Dr. Yohan Shin is a South Korean dentist who practices restorative, prosthetic, endodontic and implant dentistry. He studied prosthodontics at the Graduate School of Korea University and currently works as a dentist at Yonsei Smiling Kids dental clinic in Anyang, South Korea. In addition, Dr. Shin is an active promotor of the BOB-App by Curaden as a motivational tool to engage patients in their oral health. Read more about the app that keeps track of interdental bleeding in this article.