The Future of Dentistry

Following in the family footsteps? Driven to help people feel better? Students share their reasons for choosing dentistry

According to students, dentistry is a stressful job with many benefits.

Do you remember how you were thinking about your future profession? Did you think about the money, your own skills or some deeper sense of the field? Dentistry students from universities in Italy and Germany explained why they decided to study dentistry and what inspired them to remain in the field. 

Curaden cares about students

What lies ahead for dentistry? And how does the youngest generation of dentists feel about their profession?

We like to talk to dentistry students and young professionals to find out more about the future of dentistry. At Curaden, we know that highly educated dental students means a future of great coaching, lifelong tooth preservation and improved overall health for all patients. It’s part of our mission to support the next generations of dental professionals with a series of year-round international student events across the globe.

“The US career of my grandad inspired me”

Margherita Minoli, Vita-Salute San Raffaele University, Milan

“My grandad was one of the first Italian dentists who sought – and found – his path in Los Angeles, USA. He has always been a point of reference and he definitely passed down to me his passion for this job. He has always encouraged me to travel in order to have the chance to compare different realities and to broaden my knowledge.”

“I like medicine and manual work”

Lena Otto, University of Hamburg

“I was doing something completely different before I started to study dentistry – I was in the field of theatre and music. After a while, I decided to do something where I could use my other interests; I’m very interested in medicine and I like manual work. Another reason for choosing dentistry is that, as a kid, I had a very good dentist. He was a friend of my parents and I really liked going to his office.”

“Dentistry and psychology are a good combination” 

Alexander Frenzel, University of Hamburg

“My mother was a dentist, so I grew up in this industry. Actually, this is my second field of study; I had studied psychology before dentistry. I really think that these two fields are connected. Many patients come to dentists not only to have their teeth checked or treated, but also to have a talk about their problems, so I guess that psychology and dentistry is a good combination.”

“It’s a discipline that embraces the future”

Francesco Fanelli, University of Foggia

“I have always been fascinated by this world; my dad passed down to me his passion for this job. In addition, I find it to be a very stimulating subject which combines the field of medicine and innovation; it’s a discipline which really embraces the future.”

“I experienced benefits of dental medicine” 

Simon Chmiel, University of Hamburg

“In the past, I had a fracture of my frontal teeth resulting from an accident, but I got a great crown and experienced the benefits of dental medicine, so later on I decided I would like to do it as well.”

“You can see results of your work immediately”

Christopher Davies, University of Hamburg

“Dentistry has a lot to offer. It’s a very stressful job, but it’s possible for dentists to help patients with their dental problems and see the results immediately. I think this makes dentistry different from other fields of healthcare in which it can take longer for patients to heal. In dentistry, you have an impact right away.”

“I like to be in daily contact with patients”

Alessandra Sassi, University of Pavia

“I chose to study dentistry because I like to have daily contact with people and patients in order to build a long lasting bond with them. Moreover, I’ve always been fascinated by this kind of job: I believe it is a real form of art.”

“Dentistry is an innovative and avant-garde field”

Marco Farronato, University of Milan 

“I chose to study dentistry because I have always liked this job: with so many patients you have the chance to meet people with very different histories and backgrounds. Moreover, I have always thought of it as a very innovative, avant-garde field that concentrates on a particularly complex and fragile part of the human body.”

“I wanted manual work with scientific background”

Klara Plath, University of Hamburg

“Studying dentistry came to my mind just after graduation. I wanted to do a job that was not only about sitting in front of a computer, but something I could do with my hands. To be a dentist means manual work with some scientific background, and that’s a good combination.”

“As a dentist you help people feel better”

Giulia Nitsch, University of Foggia

“I like the idea of working with other people and the human relations and connections that become possible. I also like to consider dentistry as not related strictly to teeth health, but also as a way to take care of peoples’ smiles, making them feel better from a psychological point of view as well.”

Photography by Welin Nagyová