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Teach your kids to clean their teeth daily with the help of funny germs on a special edition of toothbrushes designed especially for them

Motivating kids to brush their teeth regularly and thoroughly can be challenging, but explaining the reason for daily cleaning can help. Meet the Curaprox Little Bacteria Edition toothbrushes for kids, with its colourful bacteria characters that will help your children understand how these funny-looking creatures can make a real mess in the mouth.

Teaching kids both why and how to take care of their oral health is essential for their future health, which is why Curaprox launched an international oral-health-education programme for kids – called Brush Hour.

Slovenian creative agency Zadrga was invited to join the programme and bring some creative ideas for teaching children about toothbrushing. “For the Brush Hour programme we designed a special board game for kids to play and learn all about oral healthcare. The main characters of this project and board game are playful bacteria, which have now also found their way onto the Curaprox kids product,” explains Zadrga’s creative team.

The most recent product inspired by the funny bacteria is the Little Bacteria Edition of toothbrushes. A double-pack contains a green and violet bacteria-like toothbrush – each with one eye on its bristles. Everything comes wrapped in a red packaging adorned with several colourful creatures.

“The colours of the toothbrushes are part of the Brush Hour design, where all bacteria have their own colours and characters.“ We wanted to use the same colour palette that we’ve used in the board game,” said the designers.

Take care of the city inside your mouth and clean up the mess made by naughty bacteria 

Meet the new Curaprox Little Bacteria Edition of ultra-soft toothbrushes, with 5,500 bristles on a small brush head for fun, efficient and safe brushing.

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The agency explains that the toothbrushes and its characters are a collective artwork. “We hope that parents and kids will feel entertained by the toothbrush with one eye, that look like funny bacteria themselves.”

The Little Bacteria Edition is not only visually attractive for kids, but thanks to its 5,500 ultra soft bristles and small brush head, it’s also extremely efficient and safe for kids aged 4 to 12.

About ZADRGA agency

Zadrga Communications Agency is an independent full-service agency based in the city of Maribor, Slovenia. The agency collective defines themselves as “a bunch of crazy, dog loving, idea thirsty, stubborn creatives.” Zadrga have collaborated with Curaprox on local and global campaigns, and recently developed a board game for an educational oral-care programme for children, called Brush Hour. You can learn more about Zadrga’s work on their website or on Facebook.