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“I love sharing daily routines with my partner because it brings us closer to each other,” says Boyoun Kim, the designer of the Curaprox Love Edition.

Our daily brushing rituals became so normal that we often don’t pay attention to them, or realise the comfort and closeness they create for us and our partners. For Boyoun Kim, it’s these simple shared moments that carry the feelings of true intimacy.

Meet the creator of the Curaprox Love Edition of toothbrushes, a renowned illustrator known for her own distinctive style filled with colours and tenderness.

For Boyoun, the first inspiration to start drawing came from her brother early in her childhood: “My brother studied fine arts and when I was little, I used to admire his drawings and comics a lot. Since then, I wanted to draw as he did and loved how he always encouraged me to pursue my ambitions and develop my own unique style.”

Studying Visual Arts in New York made Boyoun fully commit to illustration and build upon what she had learned so far. Today, her work focuses mainly on editorials where she is free to draw from one of her main inspirations – the beauty and simplicity of everyday life and objects – and paint every moment or ritual of an ordinary day with more colour and softness.

“I’ve always found having daily rituals significant for both my work and personal lives. Simple acts such as drinking a few cups of tea every day leave me feeling calm and peaceful, and I cannot imagine a day without them,” confesses Boyoun, smiling a little. 

The titles of many of Kim’s illustrations, such as “Looking Outside”, “Cozy Hideout”, or “A Dog and Two Cats” also reflect the serenity and solitude of everyday life.

In addition to her editorial works, Boyoun also finds joy in creating designs for children’s books, especially when given the freedom to illustrate works with overflowing vibrant colours and without giving up the beauty of simplicity and softness. One of her most recent works was a baby journal that provides a simple space for daily rituals and is filled with colourful illustrations – the two things Boyoun enjoys most. 

The idea to collaborate with Curaprox on designing their favourite set of the CS 5460 toothbrushes came unexpectedly to Boyoun, but was immediately welcomed with enthusiasm. “It is always interesting to work on new projects, especially when you have an unusual object to design, as you get to think about the whole process in a different way and I find that very intriguing.”

Boyoun based the design idea of the new Love Edition on a drawing she did for her husband on Valentine’s Day a few years ago. “I wanted to express the love that can be found in sharing simple daily routines together, and feeling closer to each other because of it. The final visual shows the couple staring into each other’s eyes, which for me symbolises connection and strong affection.”

Enjoy the Closeness

The CS 5460 Love Edition – a package of two ultra-soft toothbrushes with a design by Boyoun Kim – is now available in the e-shop.

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Designed to remind couples to enjoy the closeness they share while brushing their teeth together. Boyoun’s main motive was that couples find joy in sharing this simple routine – every day. “It’s these simple moments that carry the feeling of true intimacy. How better to enjoy this time with your partner than by gifting them something special to brush their teeth with?”

Which colours to use for the design was clear from the start. “I chose warm and cheerful colours because I simply love to work with them and they are very characteristic to my art. But what I found most challenging was identifying a proper way to design the toothbrushes together with the packaging while keeping the original CS 5460 layout intact. Still, I enjoyed creating the design very much.”

For the future, Boyoun wants to focus her attention on product design, working her way into designing packaging for selected beer and wine brands. “I always see great illustrations on these types of packagings, so I’d love to contribute with my art. Designing the Love Edition of Curaprox toothbrushes gave me a great opportunity to test the intricacies of product design and see if I could be a good fit.” 

Boyoun Kim is a freelance illustrator based in New York City. She was born in Korea and studied illustration at the School of Visual Arts in NY. Her works have been selected by American Illustration, Society of Illustrators NY, Communication Arts, CMYK, 3×3, Print Magazine, Visual Arts Gallery, and EMOA Gallery and featured in a number of publications. To see more of Boyoun’s work, follow her on Instagram or check her website.