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Your child’s first oral care kit: a complete guide

In this guide, we will walk you through the essentials for helping you to achieve two things: protecting your child’s teeth now, and helping them develop healthy dental habits later in life.

Children aged 4–12: key dental facts

  • Milk teeth suffer from decay caused by sugary diets faster than adult teeth. They also have a higher fragility.
  • Neglecting milk teeth now can lead to severe damage to adult teeth in the future.
  • Best dental care practice is brushing twice a day with a proper toothbrush and toothpaste.
  • It is critical to form positive brushing experiences from an early age, so that children carry on their brushing habits later in life.
  • To achieve a pleasant brushing experience, it’s recommended to use high-quality soft brushes designed for children, and soft-tasting toothpastes with proper fluoride content.
  • Towards the end of this period, children will be transitioning from milk teeth to adult teeth. Adult teeth will be forming and erupting from inside the skull and jaw, naturally pushing out milk teeth.

A proper toothbrush for your child

When searching for your child’s next toothbrush, let them pick the colour and you could even customize their new brush with rubber bands and stickers. You will see that your child will grow much fonder of their toothbrush and will want to brush more often if the brush is something they chose and made their own.

At Curaprox, we designed the kids toothbrush specifically for children aged 4–12:

A compact, slightly-angled brush head designed for children’s smaller mouths.

Available in 6 colourful combination

Ultra soft high-density bristles give a smooth, gentle sensation while brushing and efficient cleaning. Incredibly gentle thanks to 5,500 filaments – each of which is 0.09 mm in diameter and 7.5 mm in length.

A compact octagonal handle that’s easy for a child to hold and use. Designed for small hands, it sits well and works great.

Designed and made in Switzerland, based on our iconic CS 5460 toothbrush.

Like all our products, this brush is BPA-free and only uses safe and tested dyes and materials. 

“No matter whether a child’s permanent dentition is partially or fully erupted, our kids toothbrush ensures that the surrounding gum is uninjured during brushing, enabling children to effectively remove plaque that causes tooth decay and gingival bleeding.”

Prof. Dr. Isabel Martinez Lizán

The right toothpaste with a pleasant flavour

A typical adult toothpaste has a strong minty flavour designed to make adults feel fresh and energised. For children, though, such flavours can be too extreme and cause discomfort. This is why it is recommended to start brushing with sweet fruity flavours, only gradually transitioning to more conventional minty flavours as your child grows older.

From the first tooth

Kids toothpaste

Strawberry flavour with zero fluoride.

The popular strawberry taste helps children relax and feel no discomfort during brushing. Despite being mildly sweet, the toothpaste is sugar-free.

From the age of 2

Kids toothpaste

Strawberry flavour with 950 ppm fluoride.

Sufficient content of fluoride helps to remineralise milk teeth. Both strawberry-flavour kids toothpastes are menthol and eucalyptol free.

From the age of 6

Kids toothpaste

Watermelon flavour or mint flavour with 1450 ppm fluoride.

The mild minty flavour helps children transition to adult toothpastes for later in life.

❤️ What’s inside? All Curaprox toothpastes are made with only the good stuff. The enzymes amyloglucosidase and glucose oxidase boost the protective power of your child’s saliva to fight harmful bacteria. Xylitol has a mild antibacterial effect, sorbitol allows the toothpaste to stay soft and pleasant for longer. Fluoride is a crucial part in remineralising the enamel and strengthening teeth. The only situation in which you would go with zero fluoride is when your doctor specifically recommends such a toothpaste based on your child’s individual condition.

And of course, there is no SLS, triclosan or microplastics in any of Curaprox’s toothpastes.

For ages 4-6, start with this combination: 

  • Kids toothbrush
  • Kids toothpaste with strawberry flavour (zero or 950 ppm fluoride)

Can I use adult toothbrushes and toothpastes?

Technically, you can use adult toothpastes for children, provided that your dentist allows for high-fluoride contents of the toothpaste. But using these products can be unpleasant for children, which can have long-lasting effects when it comes to your efforts to build a strong habit of regular toothbrushing:

❌ For a child, brushing with an adult-sized brush head can feel unpleasant, meaning they will want to avoid brushing, rather than developing a healthy brushing habit from a young age.

❌ The flavours of adult toothpastes can be too extreme for a child, causing them discomfort. This can lead to an aversion to regular toothbrushing, especially if the toothpaste changes the taste of foods after brushing.

❌ Many adult toothbrush makers rely on medium or even hard bristles that can damage your child’s enamel and gums, causing bleeding. It’s best to stick with soft and ultrasoft bristles packed at higher densities.

When should I replace my child’s brush?

The best practice is to replace your and your child’s brush every three months. If a brush head becomes heavily deformed before this time, replace the brush sooner. But note that all Curaprox brushes are designed to perform for at least a month: if your child’s brush gets bent out of shape earlier, this means your child is pushing too hard while brushing. Adjust their brushing technique before they damage their teeth and gums.

You should also always change a brush after an infection or illness concerning mouth. This is important because some pathogens in the mouth can stick to the brush’s filaments and so the infection may occur again – due to the infected toothbrush.

For ages 6-12, use this combination:

  • Kids toothbrush
  • Kids toothpaste with watermelon or minty flavour (1450 ppm fluoride)